We atraumatically remove teeth that are no longer viable using the best technology and techniques working towards a permanent solution that is right for you.

Extractions are necessary for teeth that have decayed or been damaged through trauma so bad that they are past the point of being saved. In these cases, once a tooth is extracted, patients often feel immediate relief from symptoms they may have experienced for months or even years. Your reluctance may, in fact, be the worst of the whole procedure. They are over quickly and heal within a matter of days. The word “extraction” can bring fear to a lot of people, but today’s improved dental technologies make extractions less traumatic than ever. Since we can use sedation if needed, even the most timid patient can rest assured we will do everything to make your extraction as comfortable as possible.

Extraction is typically used in cases where disease, trauma, or crowding are an issue. It may be necessary to extract teeth to make room for dental anchors, or dentures. In most cases, healthy teeth will be saved when possible. Our staff will go over the need for extraction and any issues specific to your case with you.

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